KVS 3: Fatherhood

January 8, 2010

Paul clarifies in his introduction to the Ephesian epistle that God is both our Father and the Father of Jesus.

From the Gospel of John, we learn that Jesus came to reveal God as Father. John 5:17, 17:1

In retrospect, we see the complete Old Testament as God preparing sons to rule and reign with Him.

From the beginning of time, we see that God determined that we would be His children with full inheritance. Ephesians 1:5

As to our eternal state, we understand that we will forever be His sons and daughters. Romans 8:15-17

Understanding relationship in the church must encompass this great revelation of God. Although He has been known by many names, Jesus called Him Father and taught His disciples to address Him in the same way.

Valuing the Fatherhood of God flavors Lexington Christian Fellowship with a sense of family. First, we understand God's dealings in our individual lives as those of a Father bringing children into full maturity in order to participate with Him in His purposes.

Being Fathered by God, we believe we are given a new perspective of one another and how we treat each other. As His Fatherhood is manifested through us, we have the compassion and wisdom of One who lives for the good of His children.

This also affects how we see authority in the church and in our homes. We do not see it as a political or governmental imperative. Instead, we see it as a patriarchal extension of God Himself.

As we value Fatherhood, we seek Him and learn more fully His Father's heart. We understand more clearly His purposes and ways when we look through the eyes of a Father. Of course, this makes our own parenting more tied to God's desire. We realize that we are participating with The Father in training His children.